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All Hands on deck!
I repeat…All Hands on deck!

Hot Dry Work is in the building!
I repeat…
Hot Dry Work is in the building!

Coming in like a freight train rolling, and this one is not stopping.  Bes’ catch it while you still can.  The second album, Hot Dry Work, from the tube driving blues outfit of Bull Halsey, is available now from fine vendors everywhere.  You can check CDBaby on the web or give the money to us live and in person at a show.   If you would rather not engage in small talk about flotation devices, Godzilla, or the weather, you can just use the self-service box in the merchandise suitcase.Sign up for the Bull Halsey mailing list now for the chance to win a free gift from the admiral’s desk. He’s got all kinds of good stuff. (T-shirts, compact discs, stickers, show posters, navel fleet orders) Winners will be chosen by Bull Halsey at random. Friends will receive special treatment. (A little ‘pay-olgoes a long way. Know what I mean?…wink-wink, nudge-nudge) Also for signing up you will receive the latest information about upcoming shows and other such current events.

Hot Dry Work, released on June 13th, 2009, captures a musical moment in the studio with three good friends in ‘Fabulous’ Ferndale Michigan.  Bull Halsey recorded at the Tempermill with the engineering know-how of famed producer David Feeny (White Stripes, Blanche, American Mars).  A long day of work lay before them, and Bull Halsey hammered through performance after performance. “Did we get it?”… “Yeah, we got it.”  With David Feeny manning the control board, Bull Halsey could relax and settle into a steady rhythm and do what comes naturally.  This session would capture a fistful of gems to mark the occasion. Keep your ears perked for this one.

DELUXE RECORDS PRESENTSHere at last.  Some cool cool water for that hot dry work.